Is it true that Viagra can Strengthen Everything?

As we know, Viagra is very well known as a drug that can help overcome erectile dysfunction or impotence easily. Viagra is more effective and efficient as a direct remedy for impotence Viagra mechanism of action is taken to make the relaxation of smooth muscle, namely by inhibiting the enzyme fosfodiestrase. Smooth muscle plays a role in impotence is called the corpus cavernosum, which is a network that supports an erection.

During this time, allegedly Viagra can help 90% of patients who experience erectile problems and few side effects. It causes most men have unrealistic expectations for Viagra. When this impotence pill, then do not work as they expect, they will eventually lose the spirit and depressed.

Results of research on 40 men with impotence at the Royal Hampshire Hospital, UK showed that the men had expectations that were too high to treatment Viagra after the researchers interviewed them. They had a mean age of 52 years and have gained a prescription Viagra to overcome sexual disorders. Seen their overall health improved so treatment Viagra successfully overcome sexual disorders. But instead, the men feel inferior and anguish-stricken when the treatment failed. The research results have been published in the British Medical Journal.

For some men, Viagra is safe to eat and work effectively, but for others the drug is not working properly. The reason is not always understood. Clearly, these pills should not be taken after consuming alcohol. In addition, he also still need to be passionate sexual stimulation. Viagra works when he feels aroused. Without desire and erotic stimulation, Viagra can not work, because the pill is not including stimulants.

As we all know, sexual activity begins with the libido. Then followed with an erection when there is stimulation. The third stage is the ejaculation, the man usually almost simultaneously with the fourth stage of orgasm or the emergence of a subjective feeling of pleasure.

Viagra does not solve all sexual problems in men. There are many factors that play a role in cases of erectile dysfunction, both physiology problems (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer, and diseases of the vascular system), psychological problems, or both.